George Kountoupes Painting Company has been in the water tank repair and painting business for over 50 years. We have been working with B.J.R.E.O. for the fabrication of vents, ladders, manways and other related items since the early 1990s. They are the best in the industry in terms of the quality of their work and prompt delivery. They are also particularly good at bridging the occasional gap between a project specification and the reality of the installation. (Anyone who has ever been stuck trying to fit a 30" fabrication through a 24" hole will appreciate this!)

Cary Kountoupes
George Kountoupes Painting Company, Lincoln Park, MI

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B.J.R.E.O. Inc. has a thorough knowledge of the construction industry. We pride ourselves on avoiding the delays, confusion, and lack of control so often found in this industry. We finish 99.5% of all projects on schedule.


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